Bailan Beach Restaurants – Our Favourites

UPDATED for 2019-20 Season

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Bailan Beach restaurants are cosy, friendly affairs as you expect of this local area where development has been steady rather than spectacular.

Happy Turtle and Tamarin are the attraction in the center of the village, with both drawing a good crowd each evening for their well priced Thai cooking. Elsewhere, there are now quite a few cheap and cheerful Thai places dotted along the main street, such as J & K, Kachapura Cafe, Maxime and Lek’s Kitchen, all perfectly adequate.

For Issan style, Check Inn Moo Chum, in the cluster of buildings running from the bridge, serves up sticky rice, grilled chicken, somtam and DIY bbq, whilst the no frills place, by the street down to The White House, is also worth a mention.

For noodle soup, look no further than the large house by the crossroads in the centre, whilst, by the bridge, the small restaurant with attached minimart knocks up a great cashew nut chicken complete with long dried red chillies.

For seafood, head down the street by Harley Moon Hideaway to either Sea Terrace, the large restaurant over the water at the bottom or at the end to No Name Seafood by Koh Chang 7 Guesthouse (the former Bailan Huts). Preecha Seafood behind the police box at the northern end gives you one more option. All three offer full seafood menus with all the Thai classics, prices a little higher than at the diners on the street.

Down on the beach, next door to Mercure Hideaway, the Italian owned Lisca Beach has now changed hands, so watch this space as for its replacement in what is a prime location. Lisca has meanwhile opened a small outlet back up in the village.

To dine in another great location at the other end of Bailan Beach, check out the understated Mangrove, always highly praised by those that venture down there.

Finally, for coffee, Bailan Cafe has recently opened its doors but the best brew is undoubtedly served up by Nick at The Happy Turtle across the road. Both those two and Bailan Sauna also offer breakfasts.

Our Favourites – Bailan Restaurants

Pricing Code/Per person in Baht (B) excluding drinks:
B= under 100; BB= under 500; BBB= over 500;


Per Person: B-BB

In the center of the village, with tables on the terrace behind the tamarind tree. Good, tasty Thai cooking, with a Khmer influence from this very popular diner, run by a French and Cambodian couple. Well priced, breakfast too.

Happy Turtle

Per Person: BB

By the road at the southern end, Swedish owned, a restaurant serving good Thai and western food, with a separate bar area for coffee, cocktails and ice cream. Pool table in the back, additional area upstairs sometimes open. Can get busy, affable host.

Lisca Beach

Per Person: BB

Its beach location sold, it has relocated to next door to the Muay Thai gym on the central street running down to the sea.

The Mangrove

Per Person: BB

Very chic restaurant and bar located down by the water at the northern end, with a large chill out sun deck. Small menu, changing each season, offers delicately spiced and well presented dishes, friendly bar provides the cocktails, wine and mellow music. Best go lunchtime, early evening as can close early.

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