Koh Chang Nightlife, Party and Bars

UPDATED FOR 2019-20 Season

koh-chang-nightlife-bar-partyKoh Chang nightlife, whether it be in the bars, at a party or listening to some live music is concentrated around Lonely Beach, White Sand Beach and Kai Bae Beach, with other odd spots dotted here and there along the west coast.

Lonely Beach – Koh Chang Nightlife

From its humble smoke hazed origins, Lonely Beach has now become the thumping-bass and bone-shaking core for Koh Chang’s good times. Dj’s from different far flung places throw down familiar tunes each and every night of the week, at a whole host of different venues located either on the beach or up in the village.

There are parties to celebrate pretty much anything, openings, closings, National holidays, phases of the moon that even the moon didn’t know it had, whatever. The bars meanwhile open up till the wee small hours to draw in any other lost souls wandering the streets.

Love it or loath it, you certainly can’t deny it and all in all, it’s great, good-natured, unwholesome fun.

    Party: Cancun, Ting Tong, Himmel, Nature, Siam Huts
    Live: Stone Free, Joy Cottage
    Bar: Margaritaville, Gu Bay
    Sports: Beach Jungle

White Sand Beach and Kai Bae Beach – Koh Chang Nightlife

White Sand Beach has a different feel in keeping with its more touristy development, playing host to a nightclub, Bangkok style sports pubs and a loud, very proud mini Pattaya area, complete with its dizzying selection of shy and unassuming Thai belles.

Kai Bae Beach is not to be outdone, though and its selection of bars, at first glance more laid back, are not afraid to let their hair down if the mood suits.

    Party: Sabay Bar (White Sand Beach), Mojito (Kai Bae Beach)
    Live: Oodies, Rock Bar (White Sand Beach), Paradise Bungalows (Kai Bae)
    Bar: Mini Pattaya, Zap Bar (both White Sand Beach), Deep Island, Filou, Cabana (all three, Kai Bae)
    Sports: Paddy’s Palms, White Elephant, Monkeys (all three, White Sand Beach), Morgan (Kai Bae Beach)

Beyond those three beaches, Koh Chang nightlife is much more low-key but wherever you stay, you’ll still be able to get a drink, and maybe listen to some music without having to search too hard. Cheers or as the Thais would say, Chok Dee!

Beach by Beach – Koh Chang Nightlife


Lonely Beach

Top Tip: Ting Tong (Party), Margaritaville (Bar)

Parties galore, beach bars, chill-out bars, lounge bars, live music, dj’s, late nights, buckets.


White Sand Beach

Top Tip: Oodie’s

Live music, nightclub, two sports pubs, beach bars, wine shop and zoned beer bar area (Thai girls for company).


Kai Bae Beach

Top Tip: Mojito Lounge

Cocktail bars, beach bars, some live music, wine shop, few beer bars here and there.


Klong Prao Beach

Top Tip: Alchemy

Nothing mad just beach bars with food at the southern end, chill-out spots at the northern end and on the canal.


Bailan Beach

Top Tip: Tarzan

All very low key, chill out bar on the beach and up on the street, bit of live music.


Chai Chet

Top Tip: Flora i Talay

Not much doing in the main, a beach bar, a reggae bar in the plaza but a large beer bar area at the northern end.


Bang Bao Beach

Top Tip: Djembe House

Beach bars on the small beach (Hat Sai Noi) with weekly hippie parties and on the main one, some live music, reggae, the odd party.

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