Monthly Archive: May 2014

May 30

Durian – Is this the World’s Smelliest Fruit?

There’s more than just great beaches on Koh Chang, with its wonderful fruit and chief among them, the smelly but oh so delicious durian. We go into a bit more detail on this love it or loathe it fruit.

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May 24

Ten of the Best Swimming Pools on Koh Chang

We whisk you ten of Koh Chang’s best swimming pools. All the great places to take a dip and cool off with a gallery of pictures from The Dewa to KC Grande Resort, Nest Sense to Aana Resort and Chivapuri Resort.

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May 16

30 Day Visa Exemption Rules Under Spotlight

News on Thailand Visas with updated rules for 30 days back to back visa runs to be introduced and how it affects the normal tourist.

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May 09

The Hot Season on Koh Chang

In our ongoing series on the Koh Chang weather, we look at the hot season, its unrelenting sun, water shortages, Thai weekenders and delicious Thai fruit.

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May 02

All Bananas on Koh Chang

It’s all bananas here on on Koh Chang, different varieties growing everywhere but is the world heading for a banana meltdown due to TR4?

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